Sunday, October 2, 2011

General Points

--We fully espouse the principles of nonviolence; whatever course(s) of direct action we, as a whole, decide upon will be strictly peaceful and uphold the inherent worth of every individual.

--We pledge to be fully inclusive, to welcome any and all interested in our movement, and to consider any and all viewpoints that uphold the inherent worth of every individual.

--We recognize that the police and armed forces are part of the 99%, and we will be courteous to them and extend a hand in fellowship and solidarity, even if we are not shown the same courtesy.

--We are the 99%. We are young and old, black, Hispanic, white, and Asian, gay and straight, male and female, ill and healthy, progressive and conservative, married or partnered and single, parents and non-parents. We are everyone who wakes up in the morning to earn a paycheck or to look for a job. We are the many united by far more than divides us.

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