Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Map of Occupy Wall Street Cities

from Daily Kos

There's probably some way to share the actual Google Map, but I'm not technically astute enough to know how. If anyone does, let me know. Check the link out though and see all those pretty red balloons linking to well over 200 cities, towns, and villages.

Unquestioned solidarity with New York, Boston, Chicago, LA, etc., but when a movement can cause places like Huntsville, Ala., Orange County (!), Cal., Macon, Ga., Moscow, Id., Berea, Ky., Flint, Mich., Utica, N.Y., Ashland, Ore., Knoxville, Tenn., Rutland, Vt., Appleton, Wis., and yes, Rockford, Ill. -- that's when you know you're part of a movement, not an isolated protest, not a bunch of hippies standing on a street corner, but a broad and growing movement of the 99%.

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